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It fuckin snowed today! That might not be such a huge deal to some, but having lived in the same house in the ghetto ass land that is San Bernardino in Southern California for 17 years it is mind blowing. My whole life it's never snowed at my house, and I pretty much gave up on the notion when I turned six. But this morning my dad called and told us to get out of bed early because it was snowing all over the city that my school is in and traffic was heavy. So I leave the house with my mom and brothers thinking maybe theres some frost on the grass and that'd be about as far as it'd go. As we were about to get in the car and head out there was a really light flow of snow flakes coming down and we all just kinda stared. So we headed off to school, and me being cynical I kept saying "It probably won't stick". Well, when we got to the school, the baseball field and the playground were covere entirely. So I was the first High school kid there (which isn't something that happens all that infrequently) and I just kinda waited around for Aimee to show up. So eventually a bunch of us were going on about how amazing it was when outta no where it was like a fucking blizzard and it started coming down real heavy. Aimee was like "screw this, let's go outside". So we all went out and kind of just stood in awe; it was like being six again, we had a snowball fight all morning and didn't even go to class when the bell rang (eventually they forced us to though). What was really amazing was that my best friend ever(Sean) who never ever gets excited about anything, was totally into it and actually acted like a kid for once. Shittly, the snow ended at about 11:30 and the sun came out and you would never have guessed anything about fun had happened. Beyond that the day was pretty okay, for reasons I'll get into later I'm sure Jimmy was mad about me letting Aimee borrow Hellsing Ultimate, which was kinda weird, and someone thought me and Michelle were dating, and Lacey seems to want to talk to me now for some reason (my life pretty much plays out like a romantic harem comedy anime(or as Sean put it: A romantic high school comedy without the romance or comedy(but still all the unnecessary drama that drives the plot forward))) HAHAHAHAHa
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