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I don't know much about this, but the trailer looks pretty cool:

Love Rollercoaster ―動画革命東京―

here's what anime news service said:

"1-28-07 (6:50AM EST)---- Atsuya Uki's Cencoroll
Goo has uploaded a trailer for an independently produced anime film directed by Atsuya Uki entitled Cencoroll. Uki won the Shiki Shou (4 seasons) grand prize in 2005 for his animation Amonge-mu. In 2004 he also produced the featurette Dragons Awake under the street name of Atsushi Omura. Learning of Anime Innovation Tokyo's plan to promote individuals and small and medium-sized animation production company's projects he submitted some sample material and was signed on. Think Corporation has a hand in the initiative of which Mr. Kosho Takeuchi of Comix Wave Films is the director."

I hope I'll get to see it, but the fact that it's "independent" means probably not.
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