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So I watched the Death Note movie

And it was just okay, not as good as the anime or manga though.

Things noticed~

~Light/Shuya kinda looks like a Japanese Elijah Wood (who is an awesome actor if you haven't seen him outside of Lord of the Rings check out Green Street Hooligans and also the Faculty but mostly because The Faculty is an awesome movie.)

~Light's not as cool as he is in the manga/anime. He wasn't cool/scary/brilliant/a bastard, which kinda makes it not as easy to be shocked by his actions. It's like in the movie they make him out to be a misguided hero, but in the other counterparts the lines are really blurred, you agree criminals shouldn't get away with bullshit, but the whole time you can't help but being freaked out by how fricken evil he can be.

~L is awesomazing in this movie. also Watari.

~Girlfriend plot = not that bad of an idea, though it made more sense otherwise when it was like he was to busy/smart/gay for L to have a girlfriend.

~Ryuk looked pretty cool, but I think they should have used a puppet, the feathers would have looked cooler, and it would be easier to act next to a puppet instead of just air.

~I feel like listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers now, which is different cuz I kinda always hated them in a way.

~Lights sister is hawt. In all variations. PEDOALERT...

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