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Random things

I stayed home from school today cuz I was a little bit sick, not terribly so but I didn't feel like going, cuz fuck school. I finally finished reading It, twas good, but sooooo fuckin long. I won't be re-reading it any time soon. I was gonna try and finish The Black Dahlia next, but Aimee recommended I borrow this book called New Moon from this other girl I don't know that well. So far I'm kinda not impressed.... But anyway, I also finished watching Higurashi no Naku koro ni, I'm glad they're making a second season cuz I'm gonna miss it. I also bought this book called Everyday Japanese which is like a common phrase book, a beginners guide (to like pronunciation and language rules) and a lot of random bits about Japanese culture thrown in. Also apparently some girl randomly started an Africa club (this girl, who sucks, for reasons I don't feel like explaining now, thinks she's the greatest person who ever lived because she went to Africa for two weeks and handed out free backpacks. Whoopdeefuckindoo!), so me and my little brother are gonna try and start up a Japanese club because we know of several people that are into anime and a few who just like hentai and my Government teacher who probably likes a bit of both. Also I finally got every single one of my CDs loaded onto my iPod, I have 665 songs which amounts to 1.5 days of music, I was thinking I had more. I think thats about it.
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